Taking time to listen . . . .

Life has its ups and its downs.  It challenges us on a daily basis; some of the challenges are small whilst some may be quite significant.


Hamblin Hall, Bosham

It is possible that you are reading this because you are facing a personal challenge of some description.  Maybe it is something that is holding you back?  Maybe it is a fear or phobia.  Maybe it is a habit that you want to kick.  Maybe you are having relationship problems …… the list of challenges we face is endless but your individual issue is something that is very important to you and for whatever reason has created a sense of discontent.


Hypnotherapy is an effective and safe way of helping you to address your individual issues and reach your personal goals.

Hypnosis is a naturally occurring state; in fact you experience this state regularly on a daily basis without even realizing; day-dreaming is actually a form of hypnosis.

During a typical Hypnotherapy Session, we will begin by talking about your issues and how they manifest themselves and then discuss the goals you would like to achieve.  I will then gently guide you into a relaxed state where you remain in control at all times.   In this deeply relaxed state, your subconscious is able to clear out clutter and blockages.  I am simply your guide; it is in fact you who will be ‘subconsciously’ making the changes. 

Your first step towards making a change, is to talk about them.  Please feel free to get in touch at a time that feels right to you, either by phone or email using the contact details provided below.


Telephone: 07711 626196