About me

Jan Sullivan

I live in the South Downs just north of Chichester with my husband, four children and a dog!


I have had a varied and fun career ranging from working for UNICEF in New York to having my own small publishing company in London. All of which I loved but my work as a Hynotherapist has by far been the most fulfilling.


I chose to train as a Hypnotherapist as I have always been passionate about seeing growth and positive change in people. Hypnotherapy gives YOU the chance to talk, me the opportunity to listen and creates a way forward that is individually tailored to YOU and I love that!


I regularly attend further training courses to ensure my ability and knowledge is as effective and up-to-date as possible and also because I simply enjoy learning about this life-enhancing therapy.

 There is always something new to learn and someone new to inspire.


I am a member of The National Hypnotherapy Society and am bound by their strict code of ethics. This ensures my clients are assured of integrity, confidentiality and competence. It also ensures a high standard of ethical conduct.

I have a clinic in the centre of Chichester and also at Hamblin Hall in Bosham. If you are housebound, I am happy to discuss a home visit.

Telephone: 07711 626196